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Does the public have a natural “right” to fear nudity?

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“Does the public have a natural “right” to fear nudity?

Not as much as we have a right to fear those who hurt

and kill people for being nude in public!”

~ Centauri4

(Who can identify a person without a face?  We do not know each other that well.)

If a divine being, an all-powerful creator of the Universe, had not wanted humanbeings to experience the world and all it sensations with all of our senses, wouldn’t they have created us in a different form?  I mean, seriously, what sort of challenge is it to us to have these amazing bodies that are capable of feeling so much in a world full of breezes, sunshine, warm sand and the gentle caress of ferns, and for-some-reason to be NOT expected to experience them!

There are thousands of great Blogs online and millions of amazingly beautiful photographs circling the global electronically – a literal maelstrom of digital genius, madness and everything in between; but what of beauty?

We know it.  We agree upon it.  It is more universally recognized than music in its capacity to soothe the savage beast, but it also provokes outrage and violence in some who feel compelled to act on behalf of a deity they believe must surely be indignant and outraged at us for appreciating it?  Come on.  Seriously?

The universe controls us to the extent that we exist within it, but ..


Teen Nudist Q&A

This post is well worth your time to read …

I have a million things to tell you about being a nudist, and I was born into this lifestyle. But my best (and oldest) girlfriend can give you a better perspective because she came into this later into her childhood. We met at the Cherokee Camp Resort and have been inseparable since. And now we both are in college together, we work more closely on such issues as teens and the nudist lifestyle.

We understand this world has a bad spot on it that has evil people roaming around amonst us, and they have made our lifestyle seemingly a hard existence. Obviously I’m speaking of child molesters and child pornographers, and if there was a way to eliminate them from life’s equation then many lives would be easier and peaceful.

We, Sara and myself, my mother, my Aunt Missy, among others within my close circle, have been fortunate to never had to confront the issue, but I have decided to spend my life educating the people about our lifestyle and the legal presence of such activities – and the freedom, fun, innocence and love we all enjoy as nudists.

Aren’t nudist beaches and camps dangerous for children, preteens and teenagers?

Some people think being nude in public is dangerous especially if you’re a child or preteen boy or girl or a teenage girl or boy. They think nudist beaches are full of sexual predators waiting to molest young girls and boys, and that nudist camps are dangerous. Are they? The answer is no!

Nudists are really nice people. You’re totally exposed to each other and that makes you more open. Of course any place can be dangerous! But nudists are very helpful and friendly.

There are even nudist youth camps and I heard they’re lots of fun! And they check on the people who work there so they’re safe. Even if you’re not at a camp nudists know they’re part of a special group. That’s why we look out for each other!

What was your first nudist experience?

Being Naked When We Want

Here is an excerpt from

A good read.

“We also think that nudity is only for those who are young and in shape.  Anyone seeing me naked would know that neither of those things are true about me.  That being the case, the observing party might come to the conclusion that I had no right to be naked in public.  If I were twenty and a body builder, perhaps.

What crap!

I am sure there are those who want to “get nekkid” precisely so that they can flash their junk.  There are always going to be those sickos!  The vast majority of naturists/nudists want to be nude for very different reasons.  Some, like me, want to feel the connection to earth, nature, or even spirit.  Being nude accentuates that.  Some do it for health reason, believing that the sun and fresh air make them healthier.  Some just because they enjoy the feeling.  For all these folks, it has no more to do with sex than being clothed does; maybe less.

I know some people say that we naturists should not push the boundaries of where we can enjoy nudity.  If we are at a club, or designated beach, then fine, but don’t include parks or all beaches, or city streets.  I disagree.  I don’t think that we should be obnoxious about it, but I do believe that we should push to have the right to be nude where we want.  If we are not involved in sexual activity, or the suggestion of sexual activity (you know, waving our stuff around in a sexual manner) then we should have the right to be nude where and when we want.”

Freedom – Nude Scribe

Please take the time to read the full text of the post on Nude Scribe.

While I am extremely honored that Mr. Will Forest has mentioned me in this article, my hope is that you read the actual text as it is enlightening.

It would be wonderful if I might have an opportunity to read the paper when the young artist mentioned in the article finishes her work.

–< R JNatural >–

Our Humanity Uniform

It is often difficult to articulate effectively a belief in something and the reasons why. If you read some of my posts, especially older ones, you might get an understanding, but they tend to be quite verbose. This post constitutes my attempt at being less verbose and clearer. If I am successful, 99.9% of Naturists/Nudists should agree and a majority of non-Naturists [yet] should at least understand.

To begin with, we believe that the majority in America suffers from an irrational fear of nudity. We do not fear nudity, nor do we wish to accommodate such fear. We believe that to habitually hide ourselves (or parts of ourselves) is a pretense and is unnatural. Ultimately, it becomes less about nudity and more about NOT having to be clothed.

Many people have not experienced the sensation of our whole skin exposed to the elements without shame; replaced with the feeling that all of life’s problems just seem to slip away. It is a feeling of trust, honesty, mutual concern and acceptance, a feeling of confidence, well-being and freedom. It frees us to connect with each other, nature and the environment.

We believe that hiding (behind clothing, doors, curtains etc.) builds emotional walls, and distances us from humanity. Clothing is used as a mask and/or a status symbol that tends to disguise our character. Without clothes, we are alike while being extremely diverse with many different body types. With this understanding, we readily accept our own body and those of others. We learn to ignore the physical and material and focus on individual character. The masks and status symbols are discarded. This can be held in contrast against the media portrayal of an expectation of the ideal body type and the damage that expectation causes to our health and wellness.

That which begins as nudity evolves into much more. It becomes a principal; a philosophy. Self respect results in respect for others and respect for nature. Naturists seem more genuine. We find that we are comfortable with other Naturists (clothed or not). From this experience, we find we prefer the honesty, integrity, honor represented in the ideals of Naturism. While we are proud to be associated with this movement, it is difficult to be completely open because of general misconceptions. Due to the misconceptions, many would prefer to lose the label (Nudist/Naturist) if only the substance of the philosophy would stand on its own. We all would prefer that every Naturist could have the confidence to talk freely about this without judgment. To be overly careful, some of us become hyper-purist and become overly guarded about innocent touching (hugging etc.). While this attitude is well intentioned, it causes us to [again] be distanced from our humanity. We [humans] touch, we hug, and that should not change because we are unclothed.

We (as a group) tend not to adequately lobby for our own human rights because we are so eager to yield rights to others. The nature of the philosophy can make us somewhat meek. We would all love for nudity to be seen as something normal (as we do) rather than strange. We want people to understand that there is no [actual] harm for someone to see another of his/her own species in his/her natural state. The only harm is to belief systems that demand obedience over reasoned choice. They should understand that Naturism is an enjoyable activity suitable for all, including children.

If we all could freely wear our humanity uniform we would find we are all actually on the same team.


–< R JNatural >–




YNA Turns Two

Please read this [another] wonderful article at YNA.  We at East Texas Area Naturists support YNA as should we all and wish them well in their next 20+ years.  My only wishes are that New York was not such a great distance and that I was 25 years younger so I could be more involved personally.  Keep up the good work – please know you are appreciated!

YNA – 2 years & We Are Still Here – If We Will Be Here 2 Years From Now Is Up To You!

Guest Blog by: Jordan Blum

yna nude night out early years YNA Turns Two

A memorable photo from one of the first “Nude Night Out” parties icon smile YNA Turns Two

This month, YNA is celebrating its 2 year anniversary. It seems like only yesterday we had our first Nude Night Out in Manhattan. Thinking back to that first naked party, I still can’t believe how much we have grown and how many people we have met.

For those of you who were not there on day one… We had the most frustrating time just finding a place that would be willing to host a naked party, not to mention the struggle to get a bunch of people to attend.

Today’s events pull in at least 100 or more people, and they keep getting bigger and bigger. Much of the time we are forced to turn away people because the venue won’t be able to hold more!

YNA has drawn most of its following from the mainstream, a sign that there is much interest in what we do and offer. But those early days were not easy and as we grew, things got even more difficult.

We made some mistakes in the beginning because we underestimated just how un-evolved the nudist movement was and still is.

We also underestimated the willingness of other groups and organizations to collaborate and work together towards a common goal. …


Fear of Nudity

We at East Texas Area Naturists appreciate J Blum of YNA being an ambassador for Naturism / Nudism.  Please read her article.

Why Do People Fear Nudity And Can We Change This?

Why People Are Afraid Nudity

Fear Of Nudity

Fear Of Nudity

In some cultures nudity is frowned upon due to social and religious structures. This may be due to cultural or religious beliefs or other forms of upbringing. Often people are taught that the body is shameful and should be hidden by clothing and that nudity should be discouraged. In most places public nudityis illegal and can translate into being uncomfortable with it even in a more private location.  Other social inhibitions may prevent people from being nude in a public setting (even where it is allowed) such as fear of reprisal from friends or family since it can be looked down upon as being indecent.   …

Naturist Math

The Idea that people equate nudity with sex prompted me to consider what is or is not proper (equation) with regard to the topic of nudity.  Of course this was all for my amusement and no mathematicians were harmed (or stripped) during the course of writing this article.  It was just an attempt to put into logical terms the way Naturists understand the nudity issue relative to the majority.

(<> means not equal to)

N <> sex

N <> Lewdness

N = Natural

Natural = Moral

½ N = Lust

Shame = Prurience

Prurience = (problems with society)

N = Nude


Legalize Nudity;

criminalize (actual) lewd behavior;

stop using shame to control lust;

finally eliminate the vestiges of the puritanical Victorian era;

re-connect and cooperate with nature.

This can be broken down as follows …

N <> sex

Let’s agree that nudity does not have to be associated with sex. We can be nude at a gym locker room and it does not mean sex. We can be nude during medical treatments and it does not mean sex. The list goes on, so Nude does not mean sex.

N <> Lewdness

Nudity and Lewdness are different. One can be nude without being lewd in behavior. Admittedly today’s society is used to having the two equated but it is not inherently so. A nude child is not inherently lewd and therefore the two cannot be equated. Lewdness is wrong if nude or not.

N = Natural

We are all born naked. All mammals are born naked. It is the natural way (the way we are created) and therefore is natural.

Natural = Moral

Anything that is in its natural state should be considered moral. We are not talking about natural behavior! Natural behavior could be also immoral. We are not arguing that someone who is born a sociopath is morally right to kill people (behavior). Someone being in the state in which they are born could not immoral as it is of God’s design.

1/2N = Lust

Semi-clothed people, especially when the clothing is designed for sexual attraction are more likely to cause lustful thoughts than people who are nude. Studies have proven it. Hiding creates curiosity and fantasy and sometimes obsession. This is the antithesis of the puritanical reason for requirement of clothing.

Shame = Prurience

To assure compliance with the clothing requirement rules of the last 200 years parents must use shame to force their child to wear uncomfortable unnatural clothing that they naturally do not wish to wear. This shame persists with them for the rest of their life and is a plaque on western society causing prurient (sex charged) behavior and lifestyle. It creates the shameful (and therefore secretive) private life and a public life of pretense. It causes teenage girls to hate themselves to the point of starvation and mutilation because they don’t live up to the ideal body displayed by models and touch-up artists. What else would they compare their own body to when the natural (average) human body is never seen? They already think their body is shameful; after all that is how it all began …

Prurience = (problems with society)

Western society is propagating an error in social control that began in the Victorian era: to control lust by requiring the body to be covered in clothes. We have strategically stripped away the requirement of complete covering and have now allowed promotion and marketing to blaze a trail using sex (partial nudity) to sell products and influence our everyday life.

We continue (without challenge or comparative experience) to propagate the same error generation after generation. It is getting worse not better. I challenge anyone to try non-sexual family friendly nudity and they will discover that it is wholesome, moral, and natural and their mind will be forever changed as to what was morally right and wrong. Open your mind and discard the body shame and realize that the cure is that which has been erroneously deemed the cause.

We can choose to honor naturalness rather than condemn it,

for that condemnation builds a prison in our own minds

that manages to divide us from the vessels that carry us through the day.

Skin is skin and just that.

The rest of the story is a trick of the mind.

Such tricks separate us from our humanity and from our beingness,

for beneath our titles, our wealth, our geography, (ego)

that is what we all are: human beings.

After 400 years, let’s construct normalcy,

a relationship between our mind and our body that jettisons manmade prurience, replacing it with honor, dignity, and love.


–< R JNatural >–



The right to public nudity.

I guess it is time for me to weigh in on the Castro district issue in San Francisco CA. For those that might not have been following this issue, District 8 supervisor Scott Wiener has been openly considering introducing a ban on public nudity in the Castro district of San Francisco where public nudity is legal and practiced. The news on this issue began last year when there was discussion around (skid mark law) mandating a requirement that anyone sitting (nude) in a public place must sit on a towel. Duh! If we were talking about Nudists/Naturists there would be no need for such a mandate. This is Naturists/Nudist 101. Always sit on a towel! However, the pitch of the conversation got more heated when several complaints were lodged (and verified) that men were wearing “cock rings” in public. Again Duh! This is not a normal Naturist/Nudist adornment. Cock rings are designed to maintain an erection which is antithetical to any behavior of any Nudist/Naturist I know. Supervisor Wiener (reluctantly) threatened the ban based on inappropriate behavior of those persons who were making use of the freedom of which most of us can only dream.

The vast majority of the articles that I have read on the subject talk about “the Nudists” when discussing the issue. I am sure that many of the folks there are Nudists, many (I would argue) are not! Being nude does not a Nudist make. Naturists/Nudists do not behave like that. The freedom entrusted to them has been compromised by their behavior. They have mismanaged their opportunity to be a positive example to the country and have therefore set back advancements in public understanding of benefits and moral character of the practice of Naturism/Nudism. The struggle with the public equating nudity and sex is already difficult enough without some people (being called Nudists) wearing cock rings (sexual paraphernalia) in public. All of this is headlined while the public is wrestling with the notion that people are (legally) walking around nude in public – which is to many (uninformed) a threat.

Let’s be clear. I applaud the legality of nudity in public. I believe that forcing people to dress a certain way or dress at all is immoral and (in my opinion) a violation of civil rights. However, we must be good stewards of our rights when they are (finally) earned. We need to stand up for the right while distancing ourselves from (and correcting where possible) the bad behavior of people using the Nudist moniker to display their wares.

 –< R JNatural >–