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Laws requiring clothing

Sexualization and lewdness are symptoms of behavior caused by clothing compulsiveness in society. This fact is supported by the profusion of values present in Naturist/Nudist culture as compared to the diminished values apparent in society at large.

The creation of laws requiring clothing only exacerbates and does nothing to solve the problem. There are laws against lewd and dangerous behavior. These laws (if enforced) are adequate to protect society without the need to require clothing. Criminalizing the [natural] human form only promotes shame, disgust and intolerance.

Intolerance of the [natural] human body causes discriminatory practices toward a [minority] percentage of the population (estimated at 13%) that prefer not to wear clothing unnecessarily. This causes us to sequester in seclusion from the [majority] population to mitigate the likelihood of being persecuted or prosecuted [only] for being the way we were created. In all but one state the practice of Naturism / Nudism is legal but generally laws require clothing in public and are often vague as to their application.

What happened to equal rights? Why are we not free to practice that which we believe? There is no evidence that nudity causes any [actual] harm to an observer at any age. The shock (of which some proclaim) comes from the intolerance due to the sequestration discussed above. This is supported by the fact that Naturist children are not shocked at the sight of a nude body of any age. It is natural to them because they have not been taught to expect the body to be [unnecessarily] covered by clothing.

Then there is the religious argument. There is ample evidence to any open minded person that this is at the very least debatable. The values of Naturists are not in opposition to most religions and certainly not in opposition to Christian values. Consider the message on this bumper sticker.

However, the separation of church and state would seem to argue against laws based on the [perceived] morality of any religion. Laws are to protect members of society from harm not appease the uninformed views and insecurities of any group.

There is a simple workable solution to all of the points presented above.

  1. Throw out all laws requiring clothing as they ARE discriminatory.
  2. Enforce laws that protect people from [actual] harm.

–< R JNatural >–




School yard attitude

She is fat. He is nerdy. He looks stupid. She has a scar. She is flat-chested. The people you see and a nude beach are not the ones you want to see naked. These comments sound like those of immature bullies in a schoolyard; or like the “popular kid” in high school putting down others to build themselves up. But these comments are being made by adults in our society.



What does any genetic trait or attribute regarding appearance have to do with that which really matters? Does a “fat person” or an “old person” have any less right to enjoy a day on the beach that a “good looking skinny person”?

Here is what I have found to be true. Those with blessed lives (looks, proportions, money) are not always the ones with true character. You see, struggle builds character. Those who have less struggle less have less opportunity to build character. Those who struggle more have it easy; their character is built by the struggle.



So, what does this have to do with Naturism?

I believe that the practice [attraction] of Naturism is to grow beyond the pretense. To look beyond the clothes used to define our importance. To be totally honest in our presentation; nothing hidden. To realize the true character of the individual regardless of their physical attributes. Of course we [also] appreciate a well proportioned human form. But our priorities are on character. And we do not discriminate based on genetic traits or physical imperfections.

Discriminate – consider this for a moment…

Are those who are “offended” by nudity really harmed, or are they using this argument to discriminate?

You often hear the argument expressed when someone (who is not accustomed to nudity) when being confronted by another person’s nudity that they are “offended”. Really?  what is offensive?

It is offensive to be forced (by threat of legal punishment) to wear clothes when not practical. The expectation that we should cover our natural body with cloth to [somehow] protect them from being offended is discrimination. They would prefer not to see our flaws. They would prefer not to be expected to show their flaws. That is the reason for the clothing requirement. So we are forced to cover, or hide in seclusion.

Let’s not hide.

I am not suggesting that you run out in the street and provoke confrontation. However, you shouldn’t have to hide. Express to your friends and family the benefits of Naturism whenever an opportunity arises. Let people know that we are open, caring, [relatively] normal individuals and that we would rather not cover up to appease the fears and insecurities of society. Laws will change when the attitude of the people is changed. Maybe we can correct a people one person at a time…


–< R JNatural >–



Naturism – What’s it all about?


Except for the description of the term Nudist.  I am one of those who believes that the two terms Nudist/Naturist is a distinction without a difference.  For more detail read What is in a name?

I have been waiting for your analysis since you posted the question.
You did not disappoint.  Thank You.  …

This post is aimed at experienced and newbie naturists alike.

I apologise for any grammatical errors, I just don’t have the time to proof read, otherwise I would not be able to post it for another few days!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about ‘Naturism – What it means’ and invited you to comment on what Naturism means to you and you were very generous in your response. Some of you asked your comments to be kept private, which I have done and about 50 of you were happy for me to publish your comments.  If you have not seen this post and comments, it is here;

Jordan Interviews All Nudist

Q. What does it mean to be a naturist / nudist?
A. If you blend the interpretations offered by the world’s nudist/naturist organizations you come up with a community ideal which is environmentally conscious, socially inclusive, family friendly, non-sexual by nature, non-judgmental, respectful and well-behaved. We can go with that. Oh, and nude!
Q. What in your opinion, is the greatest problem that the naturist / nudist movement faces today?
A. Sex on the beach. Nearly all problems facing social nudism today stem from Textile society’s perspective of how sexuality relates to nudity, and therefore to nudism. Anything connecting the two makes for great headlines, with people having sex on public beaches topping the list. This is endemic worldwide; beaches are being closed and nudity is being banned because of it. Good public image is crucial to our existence and a public perception that we are irresponsible sex-addicts will assure opposition in every quarter.

Home Clothes Free – Christian and Happily Nude

Wonderful article!

Christian Nudist is many times regarded as a oxymoron. I’ve had people ask me how can you be a Christian and a nudist? Personally I think its very easy to be both Christian and nudist.  When Adam and Eve covered themselves it wasn’t because of nudity its because they were ashamed of their sin. Simple nudity is not sin or we could go in a steam room, shower at a gym or go see a Dr. Why is it OK for Dr. and nurses to see us nude because they went to college? Our society has created a unhealthy view of nudity, now always linked with sex to that point that breast feeding is frowned upon . Pornography and sexually explicit TV has warped the view of nudity to be ugly or perverted. We have been taught that different sizes, races  and aged bodies are gross and something to be shamed of. What has that gotten us, but   a world where we get grossed out or ashamed by nudity.

<< So you have discovered your friend is a Naturist …

What now?

First – The world will not come to an end; however, you may need to re-learn that which you thought you knew about the subject.  This blog can help.

Read this post for some perspective on Naturist’s.

Second – There has been no offense committed.  If you found out the hard way (by an unexpected encounter with him/her nude) you must realize that he/she is probably relieved not embarrassed.   Therefore you have committed no offense to him/her by seeing him/her naked.  For a Naturist, the most difficult part is hiding from people.  It is contrary to their beliefs although often necessary due to the misconceptions and prejudice associated with Naturism.  If you found out though a conversation of confidence, you must realize that he/she is not trying to offend you by confiding.  He/she is being honest and inclusive with the hope that you will except him/her as they are.

Third – Your friend is thinking “I am glad that is out of the way, now I don’t have to hide” but you are faced with a decision.  Can I accept this news and still remain friends or not?  Friendships should not be discarded so easily and if you are so puritanical and gymnophobic that you are considering doing so, you may need to seek help to find out why.  My suggestion is for you to at least do some honest research on the subject with an open mind.

Forth – Ask questions!  Communicate openly.  Tell your friend how you are feeling and ask their suggestions on how to deal with it.  They have been through this before.


What to expect

It is natural to look, especially when you are not accustomed to nudity.  However, it is not considered polite to stare.  He/she will not be embarrassed.  Naturists conquer body image issues early (improved body image is a key goal).  Your friend will not expect you to undress (although you would be welcome to) to accommodate his/her beliefs and he/she would surely appreciate if you did not obligate him/her to cover up for you.  Your mutual friendship will likely grow stronger and closer with the secret out in the open.  My experience with informing friends and family has been good.  More than 90% accept me totally.  All of those that want me to hide from them have experienced some abuse in their life that they have not yet faced.  At least 40% have utilized the opportunity to try skinny-dipping etc. with their Naturist friend as there is no safer way to try.  At least 20% (when informed) confided they too were Naturists and had not informed others.  As of this writing I have lost no friends on having been informed.

–< R JNatural >–


All Nudist – Appearance and First Impressions – Nudism

Another fine article from All Nudist.  The underlying irony exemplified in this post is that many textiles (non-nudists) believe that Nudism/Naturism is ALL about seeing people naked or being seen naked.  All Nudist points out that they have it wrong.


Teen Nudist Q&A

This post is well worth your time to read …

I have a million things to tell you about being a nudist, and I was born into this lifestyle. But my best (and oldest) girlfriend can give you a better perspective because she came into this later into her childhood. We met at the Cherokee Camp Resort and have been inseparable since. And now we both are in college together, we work more closely on such issues as teens and the nudist lifestyle.

We understand this world has a bad spot on it that has evil people roaming around amonst us, and they have made our lifestyle seemingly a hard existence. Obviously I’m speaking of child molesters and child pornographers, and if there was a way to eliminate them from life’s equation then many lives would be easier and peaceful.

We, Sara and myself, my mother, my Aunt Missy, among others within my close circle, have been fortunate to never had to confront the issue, but I have decided to spend my life educating the people about our lifestyle and the legal presence of such activities – and the freedom, fun, innocence and love we all enjoy as nudists.

Aren’t nudist beaches and camps dangerous for children, preteens and teenagers?

Some people think being nude in public is dangerous especially if you’re a child or preteen boy or girl or a teenage girl or boy. They think nudist beaches are full of sexual predators waiting to molest young girls and boys, and that nudist camps are dangerous. Are they? The answer is no!

Nudists are really nice people. You’re totally exposed to each other and that makes you more open. Of course any place can be dangerous! But nudists are very helpful and friendly.

There are even nudist youth camps and I heard they’re lots of fun! And they check on the people who work there so they’re safe. Even if you’re not at a camp nudists know they’re part of a special group. That’s why we look out for each other!

What was your first nudist experience?


This time of year, there are many posts expressing those things for which we are thankful. This post represents my personal list as it pertains to Naturism (This is a Naturist blog).

First and foremost I am thankful for my wonderful wife (of 38 years). I could not ask for a better partner for life. She believes in Naturist principals and supports me completely. She can get pretty vocal if someone questions my motives or principals.

I am thankful for my loving family including my extended family. My Daughter (you know her as NIT), my Son-In-Law [Naturists], and 3 grandchildren 11, 15 and 16; My Son, my Daughter-In-Law [in training ;-)] and 3 younger granddaughters 3, 5 and 11 from them.

Grand children! That is wonderful in itself, but I am blessed to have a friendship with all of our grandchildren as well as our adult children.

I am thankful for those family and friends accept me completely and naturally.

I am especially thankful for the relationship with my children-in-law. They are not children but that is the name. It is probably rare that one would have such a good relationship with a son or daughter in law. Especially when complicated by the fact that I am a Naturists. I am blessed to have a great relationship with both and love them very much.

I am thankful to have an opportunity to live in a country where I can be myself and thankful that there seems to be progression toward acceptance of Naturism more generally.

I am thankful for my massage therapist (Yo) of 17 years and my Yoga instructor (L. J.) for helping to keep this body moving and for their acceptance of who I am.

I am thankful that I have the opportunity to express my thoughts here. It would be worth doing even if nobody read the blog but thousands do, and I appreciate that there are those who share a philosophy with me.

I am thankful that I am able to do a job that I love. It has been a lifetime of hard work, dedication and education but I am able to do that which I love from my home without getting dressed.

It has been enlightening to reflect on this – what a truly wonderful life – I am very thankful!

 –< R JNatural >–



Being Naked When We Want

Here is an excerpt from

A good read.

“We also think that nudity is only for those who are young and in shape.  Anyone seeing me naked would know that neither of those things are true about me.  That being the case, the observing party might come to the conclusion that I had no right to be naked in public.  If I were twenty and a body builder, perhaps.

What crap!

I am sure there are those who want to “get nekkid” precisely so that they can flash their junk.  There are always going to be those sickos!  The vast majority of naturists/nudists want to be nude for very different reasons.  Some, like me, want to feel the connection to earth, nature, or even spirit.  Being nude accentuates that.  Some do it for health reason, believing that the sun and fresh air make them healthier.  Some just because they enjoy the feeling.  For all these folks, it has no more to do with sex than being clothed does; maybe less.

I know some people say that we naturists should not push the boundaries of where we can enjoy nudity.  If we are at a club, or designated beach, then fine, but don’t include parks or all beaches, or city streets.  I disagree.  I don’t think that we should be obnoxious about it, but I do believe that we should push to have the right to be nude where we want.  If we are not involved in sexual activity, or the suggestion of sexual activity (you know, waving our stuff around in a sexual manner) then we should have the right to be nude where and when we want.”