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This is an exciting day for us!  We have our blog up and running after months of work.  East Texas has been lacking in Naturist representation although my experience has been that Naturism is more excepted that one might expect.  East Texas now has Naturist representation on our web site and blog.

We intent to present a “not in your face” style of Naturism because we believe that it tends to be less repulsive to new visitors.  This theme should allow new readers to understand Naturist principals before the mindset of “nudity is bad” makes them leave.  That being said … this is a Naturist site and there is likely to be some nudity in the pictures associated with the articles and links herein.  If you are new to naturism, please keep an open mind.  Let’s dispel some of the common myths … Naturism is NOT pornographic!  It is NOT about sex!  It is NOT about exhibitionism!  Naturists are NOT swingers, wife swappers, sexual predators, deviants or moral neanderthals.  We are average people who believe differently than the majority.  We reject puritanical dogma.  We reject the mandatory use of clothing [like an appendage] even though it (clothing) my be impractical.  We reject that nudity is always sexual.

Who are we?  We are average everyday people.  We are doctors, nurses, teachers, tellers, computer programmers, engineers etc.  Chances are good that you already know many Naturists who are reluctant to reveal the fact.  Public misconceptions and prejudices have caused Naturists to be less than forthcoming about their beliefs.  It is estimated that 13% of the population are Naturists in some form.  That is 1 in 8 people.  Food for thought isn’t it?

On average, true Naturists tend to be more moral, up-front, open and honest than the average person.  I say “true Naturists” to distinguish between Naturists and those that use nudism/naturism as a cover but do not actually follow Naturist principals.  We believe the human body should be regarded to be decent and good; that the puritanical moral engineering instituted during the Victorian era was a mistake and that society has suffered because of that mistake.  Our (society in general) children grow up believing that their god given natural body is somehow shameful and inadequate at least as compared to the ideal body image which we allow the media to control.  These feelings result in disorders like anorexia nervosa, bulimia, poor body image, cutting and pedophilia.  The fact is that human bodies are much more diverse than the average person believes.  Naturists know the truth because we do not hide from each other.  Naturists (including the children) see the diversity and aging process and studies have shown they do not suffer the same disorders and are more accepting of their body and those of others.  They understand nudity to be natural and not sexual.  They are less drawn to pornography and pedophilia and other “perversions”.  Body acceptance is an important and necessary goal and Naturists can lead by example.  We believe we have the right to practice our beliefs without suffering prejudice and discrimination.

Welcome to the www.etanaturists.com blog site (yes we have tan in our name).

RJ Natural.


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