What’s behind the statement?

I have heard it said that “those that you would like to see naked – aren’t and those that you don’t want to see naked – are” or some variation of that statement in reference to nude beaches or resorts.  This statement makes me cringe and consider why it is necessary that they make it.  It is not Naturists who say that.  It is said by clothing compulsive individuals that do not [yet] understand that the human body is much more diverse than that which we are led to believe by the media that controls the perception.  There are actually very few individuals that look like the air-brushed, made-up, perfectly lit models and celebrities portrayed by the media.  The models themselves don’t look as good as they are portrayed.  Furthermore, the persons who make those statements [themselves] do not resemble the ideal.  So, what can we glean from the statements and those that are making them?

  • They have little experience with normal nudity
  • They sexualize or fantasize the nude experience
  • They tend to be less tolerant of people’s differences
  • They tend to place  importance on looks over character
  • They tend to be preoccupied with power and position
  • They are not Naturists

The reason for the last point is that Naturists have learned the lessons that shedding your clothing [mask] can teach.  Yes teach!  We are all born without those negative characteristics.  We learn them.  Naturists learn (or re-learn) them correctly.  It is the experience of Naturism that corrects the mindset.  We learn that we are diverse in appearance.  We understand that the body changes as we age.  We learn that character matters more than appearance.  We learn that another’s nudity is not your fantasy to be sexualized.  We learn that body acceptance (freedom from shame and embarrassment) and tolerance of the looks of others is liberating, natural, peaceful and correct.  We learn that clothing is a mask that the majority wears continuously, even when it is not practical.  The security of wearing that mask causes them to be less tolerant.  We [Naturists] see the body and communicate with the eyes.  We accept the differences and appreciate the true character of the individual.  We learn that our love life is richer because it is real and not fantasized.  We have no need for pornography because we see it for what it is.  We do not dress for power or prestige; we undress for honesty and equality.  Our children do not learn the negative concepts described above and instead maintain their innocent understanding that nudity is natural not sexual or pornographic and that people look different from each other and change over time.

–< R JNatural >–


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