Why are they old?

Why are so many Naturists older?  Oh I know there are the Young Naturists of America http://nudistnaturistamerica.org/ and others.  However, I believe it is true that the average age of a Naturist is older than the average person.  Here is what I believe to be the answer …

From my perspective, having believed in Naturism since 12 or 13 years old, it was not until later in life that I realized that I needed to get on with it or miss it.  That is to say, I spent my life wanting to, believing in, struggling with not being able to etc.  Remember society does not make it easy to be a Naturist.  At best, the average individual (if they know) thinks of it as quirky.  At worst they persecute and maybe prosecute you for your pornographic or perverse practices.  This was truer in the past than it is now. Most young people are constrained by their parent’s expectations of propriety, until they are on their own.  Then they are constrained by school rules or are struggling to make ends meet.  There is little time to consider bucking the system for something you feel is correct but society does not.  While raising children there are the Grandparent’s (on both sides) feelings to consider.  There may be the odd fleeting opportunity along the way but mostly life is too busy for serious change.  It is [often] not until one is older, financially stable, children raised, thinking about retirement that one realizes that the opportunity to live as you believe is slipping away.  Several years ago I began reflecting on that very thing.  I realized that if it was ever to happen it would be soon.  Having made the change, I can say my only regret is that I did not do it sooner.  It was always the correct way.  It would have been worth bucking the system.  It would have been worth educating the ignorant along the way.  My children would have suffered less hang-ups regarding body image etc.  For that matter the same goes for me.  What a waste!

It is my hope that YNA and like organizations can influence younger people to make the change earlier in life.  That younger people can have the wisdom that many of us only realize with age.  Also, that others realize (much earlier than I) that it is worth the trouble and effort to take the right path when presented.  This will surely reduce the average age of Naturists and society will be better for the change.

–< R JNatural >–


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