What do Naturists talk about?

Well, to start with we don’t often talk about Naturism. You might guess, from reading my rantings, that our conversations lend toward the politically motivated Naturist activist type. That is not so.

This blog is more for the purpose of venting ideas and thoughts to other Naturists and potential Naturists. It would be nice if other Naturists read the ideas and associate themselves with them. It would be even better if they could learn from them. It would be wonderful if somebody considering Naturism would find incentive in my words.

However, when Naturists are together, we just enjoy each other’s company, enjoy swimming, hot tubing, enjoy nature and have fun talking about various subjects. We are all of like mind. There is nobody to convince of our good intentions. It is the pervasiveness of the misconceptions that stimulates the conversations in blogs that tend toward justifying positions or activism to change the general mindset. It is nice to have resources for our friends and family to read that represent our thoughts. It is therapeutic to organize our thoughts in the written form. But we just enjoy life and company naturally. We talk about those things that most others talk about when they get together. We tend to be more open in conversation and less hypocritical than the average grouping; we are not hiding or putting on ares to impress.

–<R JNatural >–


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