Good parts vs bad parts

Why are some parts considered good and some parts considered bad?

These are mental constructs. There is no innate programming of the human being that assures this constant within our understanding. These are learned ideas. They have been taught to us as children and reinforced by society. A child (prior to this teaching) knows nothing of such designations. They feel quite at ease playing and interacting with nature and other people dressed as they were born. The determination of those parts which are deemed to be good or bad, changes over time. It also is substantially different between cultures within the same time period. Therefore, it is a social moray.

Let us address the method by which we educate our children as to which parts are acceptable and which parts are unacceptable. The most used tool is shame. This can be used directly or indirectly and often subconsciously. Our programming [from childhood] propagates to our children through our subconscious acts. The child walks in on his/her mother getting out of the shower and the reaction is to cover the “bad” parts. Maybe even to react more strongly by commanding them to leave. Children are learning machines. They get that you consider these parts to be bad and that seeing others nude is bad from your reaction. There is also the direct education that they get by being forced (yes forced) to wear clothes. Children do not want to wear clothes. If you don’t force them they will not. We are being programmed from birth that to wear clothes is good and necessary. To be seen without is bad and shameful. Children learn which of the parts they are allowed to expose and which are worthy of disgust.

Let’s stop and consider, with an open mind, are these parts really bad or is it propaganda. I don’t mean propaganda from the government. I am referring to the human culture induced type. Begin with the breast. What makes the female breast bad and the male breast ok? They are the same basic tissue. Babies feed from them. Yet a few years later they are deemed bad to be seen by the same child. Other cultures consider it totally acceptable for a mother to breast feed her child in public openly. They also consider topless at a beach the norm for male or female. There are places in the US where it is totally legal for a female to be topless anywhere a man can legally. And still the convention is for them not to. Most don’t know the law is on their side because of the pervasiveness of the conditioning. I submit that it is because we [America] sexualize the female breast. Our media is allowed to control this sexualization of the breasts. It is a common tool in advertising. The media use glimpses to induce fascination attention within our brain. It is the tendency to hide breasts from view that facilitates the advertiser’s use of them for their purposes.

The situation is no different concerning other body parts. There is no reason why reproductive parts should be considered bad. They are parts, covered in skin, just like any other. There is nothing innately sexual about the “bad” parts. There is no logical reason that those parts are unacceptable for public view. This is a mindset and is easily changed by the practice of Naturism. Within minutes of public (social) exposure your mind eases and the shame falls away and you realize that this is normal and hiding has been a ridiculous puritanical joke played on you by generations before you.

Now, let’s get back to the children. How have they fared since we have educated them that their body is shameful? Well, they have horrible body image, they hate their looks, and they have a high incidence of disorders like anorexia nervosa, bulimia, cutting (self mutilation). They fight aging (not in a good way with exercise and eating right) by plastic surgery, injections etcetera. Why? It is because they are ashamed. Their bodies do not live up to the media ideal. They have no real bodies to compare with their own. They are all hidden. They don’t realize that as you get older your body changes. They look down on others that don’t look like the ideal as well. People who are fat or skinny or challenged by physical deformities or disease are mocked because they are more shameful that the person doing the mocking who knows his/her looks to be shameful. They were taught from an early age that they must hide and it is shameful to be seen. When they grow up they carry their hang-ups with them into adulthood along with some perversions they have picked up along the way like pornography, pedophilia, dressed to impress suits and high dollar purses to convince the others at church or the country club that they are not shameful as long as they hide their bad parts.

Naturists know this to be the problem with society because we have corrected it in ours. We and our children know the diversity of humanity. They know that bodies change as they age. They know what to expect because they see the changes. It is not hidden from their view, and they are not told it and they are shameful. The distinction between nudity and sex is clear to any Naturist (especially the children). Nudity is natural and not hidden and sex is private. We have no need to obsess over nudity; it is an everyday norm for us. When you ask us to cover our genitals or breasts, you are saying “you should be ashamed”. The fact is that it is you who are ashamed, we are not. Nor do we wish to be. Naturists do not have bad parts of which to be ashamed. All parts are equally natural and honored as wonders of creation an adaptation. We accept our diversity of shape, size, color and ability. We honor the character of the individual over their appearance or clothing costs. Our values differ from the majority, but they are not shameful nor are any of our parts!

 –< R JNatural >–


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