Distinctions in terminology

Maybe some of the misunderstandings associated with Naturism start with misunderstandings in terminology. Therefore, let’s take a moment to look at some clear definitions …



  • Relating to the instincts, physiology, and activities connected with physical attraction or intimate contact between individuals.
  • Of or relating to the two sexes or to gender.
  • Of or pertaining to, or for sex.



  • The state or fact of being naked.
  • Naked or unclothed, as a person or the body.
  • The condition of being unclothed.



  • Extravagant behavior intended to attract attention to oneself.
  • A mental condition characterized by the compulsion to display one’s genitals in public.



  • Sexual activity in which two or more married couples exchange partners.
  • The temporary exchange or wives between married couples for sexual relations.
  • Swinging or partner swapping (sometimes referred to as the swinging lifestyle or simply the lifestyle) is a non-monogamous behavior.


Sexual Predator

  • The term is used pejoratively to describe a person seen as obtaining or trying to obtain sexual contact with another.



  • A perversion in which a person receives sexual gratification from seeing the genitalia of others or witnessing others’ sexual behavior.
  • A person who derives sexual gratification from observing the naked bodies or sexual acts of others especially from a secret vantage point.
  • An obsessive observer of sordid or sensational subjects.



  • An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.
  • A persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.


  • Governed by an obsessive need to conform, be scrupulous, etc.
  • Resulting from or relating to an irresistible urge, especially one that is against one’s conscious wishes or nature.


  • The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features.
  • The material world, especially as surrounding humankind and existing independently of human activates. The natural world as it exists without human beings or civilization.



  • Existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind.
  • Existing in or formed by nature (opposed to artificial). In a state of nature.



  • Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.
  • The usual, average, or typical state or condition.



  • Of or pertaining to, or affecting a population or a community as a whole.
  • Open to all persons.



  • Of or relating to society or its organization.
  • Pertaining to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relations.
  • Living or disposed to live in companionship with others or in a community, rather than in isolation.



  • The love or practice of non-sexual nudity.
  • A cultural and political movement advocating and defending social nudity in private and in public.
  • A lifestyle based on personal, family and/or social nudism.
  • The belief in or practice of going nude or unclad in social and usually mixed-gender groups for reasons of mental and physical health.
  • The practice of going without clothes in public or semi-public settings in the belief that doing so promotes better health.
  • Going without clothes as a social practice.
  • The practice of rejecting clothing as a [necessary] extension of the human body.


With these definitions out of the way, we should be in a position to understand and to agree with the following statements…

  • That the definition for Naturism has nothing to do with (in fact is contrary to) anything sexual in nature.
  • That the intention is not nefarious but instead wholesome.
  • That there is no reasonable concern that Naturists are more likely to be sexual predators than the average person (in fact less likely).
  • That, while not normal (based on the definition) in a public situation (unfortunately) it is quite normal within our social network to be without clothes.
  • That clothing is NOT necessary for most situations.
  • That clothing is NOT practical for many situations (swimming, tanning, gardening).
  • Naturism has nothing to do with swapping, voyeurism, exhibitionism or any other SEXUAL behavior because it is by its nature NOT ABOUT SEX!

I know many Naturist couples that have been monogamous for many decades. I have been true to one woman for over 38 years and intend to be that way until I die. Nudism is the natural state of a human being. Alternatively, the majority of the population presents a phobia; gymnophobia (a fear of nudity, sight of a naked part or body) that manifests in their tendency toward clothing compulsiveness. They wear clothing (unnatural) even when it is not practical or reasonable to do so. This is irrational, unhealthy and dangerous.

I prefer the alternative.


–< R JNatural >–


One Response to Distinctions in terminology

  1. Based on your unlikely assertion that words actually have meaning, you can look forward to constantly explaining what you’re saying to some few accustomed to using terms incorrectly to suit their purposes rather than choosing words appropriate to the circumstances.
    For example, by insisting that the term ‘naturism’ actually has defined usages and meaning, you deny some folks the opportunity to use it to describe whatever they feel should be considered ‘naturist’. Some will find that to be intolerant and narrow-minded, bogged down in irrelevancy, and prejudicial towards those who see things differently. How dare you use the commonly accepted definitions of naturism to limit the indiscriminate use of the term ‘naturism’?
    We can say from experience that the use of words as they are meant to be used has caused us some problems with more than a few people in the past; welcome to the club!
    Should you further shun political correctness and relay the reality of a situation instead of a sanitized version of events, you’ll be in even more trouble! It’s much easier to find a good, acceptable milquetoast source and simply spin off a version under your own title, as many are wont to do. Safer, too. 😉
    Good luck! But you might want to reconsider this radical ‘words have meaning’ philosophy, it can be confusing to some folks; it requires thinking.

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