We are used to the status quo. That which is normal and acceptable is comfortable. It is easier to go with the flow. It is what we remember and it makes us comfortable to proceed as usual. This is why we find it easy to accept that normal is not always practical. Wearing clothes (bathing suit) to tan and swim is ludicrous by any logical consideration. However, we consider it normal because those generations living today have not known the alternative. That is except for a number of Naturists.

Vladimir Nabokov said …

Complacency is a state of mind that exists only in retrospective:     it has to be shattered before being ascertained.

We need to shatter our understanding of normal! We need to allow ourselves to break free from that state of mind that makes sense of the ludicrous. We need to challenge ourselves and the rest of society to consider the alternative. In order to do that, we must bravely throw caution (and negative body image) to the wind and realize our true nature. Unclothed we are connected to nature and each other in a way that only can be experienced. Our body naturally cools in the breeze in a way that cannot be imagined while wearing clothes. Our body warms naturally when confronted by cold. We have a greater sense of connection to our surroundings; a feeling of piece and total freedom. This [of course] is not usually an immediate realization. The usual first experience is one of fear, dread, shame, anxiousness and concern. That is normal because of our upbringing.

That is the point! We must challenge ourselves to brave the initial deprogramming experience for greater realization. We must challenge societal norms so that people in general realize that they are NOT [actually] harmed by the sight of a member of their own species in its natural state: Challenged to realize the fact that normal is not always right.

A bent twig must be bent the other way in order for it to ultimately grow straight!

Your view of comfortable must be realigned, balanced. If you stay hidden, you will always need to remain hidden. If society is exposed to Naturism it will become understood and acceptable. The distinction between nudity and sex will be corrected. We will [again] see nudity as children do. The imbalance that manifests in disorders like pedophilia, anorexia nervosa, bulimia, poor body image, addiction to pornography will be corrected. The media will no longer be able to use glimpses of nudity to trigger us to buy their products because nudity will be normal and sex is separate.

This is what I ask of you…

1. Challenge yourself to break free from the clothing compulsiveness of normal. It can begin with getting comfortable with your own nudity in private.

2. Be brave and tuff it out past the initial deprogramming. Eventually you need to be seen by others to deprogram. Don’t believe the negative body image that your mind and the media has created. Understand that we are much more diverse than we are lead to believe.  There is not one ideal body type.  There are many types and all are beautiful.

3. Allow yourself to feel the connection to nature and freedom.

4. When you realize the new you, tell your friends. Don’t hide! Casual comments in conversation that you prefer to be without clothing whenever possible can be a first step. Eventually they will let you know if you are free to be yourself around them. They might join you. Visit a free beach or a Naturist club.

5. Gradually change society back to a balanced understanding that nudity is not a threat. The threat is the prurient society caused by clothing compulsiveness.


Enjoy your new world.


–< R JNatural >–



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