Yoga we have started. May the force be with us …

Yoga reminded me of Yoda so I took some liberties with the description. We have been talking about starting yoga for some time for the purpose of enhancing our healthy lifestyle. However, the thought of going to a class with a clothing requirement was insurmountable (for me). There seems to be no nude yoga offered in our area. I found some videos online that were wonderful.

Alas they were difficult to follow as a beginner. The Yogini would say do this and by the time we looked up at the video it was done. A friend mentioned that his wife went full time teaching yoga. It occurred to be that she might do private lessons in our home and might also be amenable to nudity in the practice as yoga and nudity have a mutual history and nude yoga is experiencing resurgence.

Long story short we have started our yoga with private lessons one day a week to keep us on track for our practice between lessons.

This wonderful yogini (let’s call her L J), although new to Naturism, has made me feel quite comfortable with her acceptance of my exposed skin. She does not gawk but does not seem to avoid looking at me (I find when people noticeably avoid looking it tends to make me uncomfortable). L J has even taken the videos home to explore the nude yoga concept. I hope she takes the lesson of my last blog and uses this as an opportunity to explore the benefits of nude yoga with us in the near future. There is no safer way to experience social nudity than with those who follow principals of Naturism. They understand the diversity of the human species, have seen many body types and look at yours as a wonderful creation worthy of honor. Unlike the majority, they (we) make the absolute distinction between nudity and sex.

So far (albeit early in) our practice feels good. Although challenging, we seem to be up to the task. Here are some observations…

  • Dimensions of the male anatomy suffer substantially while doing yoga (not that you need it for anything during yoga).  I guess because of the intense concentration and the redirection of blood flow to other body parts doing work.
  • I have noticed a substantial increase in energy level since we started.
  • I feel much better than I expected.

As we progress, I will post updates in the future.

Thank you L J. Please know we appreciate you and we look forward to developing our friendship with you and K J.


–< R JNatural >–


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