The right to public nudity.

I guess it is time for me to weigh in on the Castro district issue in San Francisco CA. For those that might not have been following this issue, District 8 supervisor Scott Wiener has been openly considering introducing a ban on public nudity in the Castro district of San Francisco where public nudity is legal and practiced. The news on this issue began last year when there was discussion around (skid mark law) mandating a requirement that anyone sitting (nude) in a public place must sit on a towel. Duh! If we were talking about Nudists/Naturists there would be no need for such a mandate. This is Naturists/Nudist 101. Always sit on a towel! However, the pitch of the conversation got more heated when several complaints were lodged (and verified) that men were wearing “cock rings” in public. Again Duh! This is not a normal Naturist/Nudist adornment. Cock rings are designed to maintain an erection which is antithetical to any behavior of any Nudist/Naturist I know. Supervisor Wiener (reluctantly) threatened the ban based on inappropriate behavior of those persons who were making use of the freedom of which most of us can only dream.

The vast majority of the articles that I have read on the subject talk about “the Nudists” when discussing the issue. I am sure that many of the folks there are Nudists, many (I would argue) are not! Being nude does not a Nudist make. Naturists/Nudists do not behave like that. The freedom entrusted to them has been compromised by their behavior. They have mismanaged their opportunity to be a positive example to the country and have therefore set back advancements in public understanding of benefits and moral character of the practice of Naturism/Nudism. The struggle with the public equating nudity and sex is already difficult enough without some people (being called Nudists) wearing cock rings (sexual paraphernalia) in public. All of this is headlined while the public is wrestling with the notion that people are (legally) walking around nude in public – which is to many (uninformed) a threat.

Let’s be clear. I applaud the legality of nudity in public. I believe that forcing people to dress a certain way or dress at all is immoral and (in my opinion) a violation of civil rights. However, we must be good stewards of our rights when they are (finally) earned. We need to stand up for the right while distancing ourselves from (and correcting where possible) the bad behavior of people using the Nudist moniker to display their wares.

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  1. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves, though not for lack of trying! We’re as perplexed as you about why any naturists should consider this fuss to have anything to do with the practice of nudism/naturism. We have seen little evidence of nudists in the mix other than a few outsiders visiting there.

    We’ve received a lot of flak over this from both gay advocates and nudists who either equate criticism of the actions of a few as an indictment of an entire social group, or nudity with nudism, or both.

    AANR has even roused from slumber to indicate support to the Castro naked people rather than to emphatically distance the nudist community from this irresponsible behavior which can only hurt our cause.

    As you say, this sets a precedence which can be called up the next time someone advocates for a little more body freedom, and can be used as an example of what can be expected if folks are allowed to sunbathe topless in their own yards!

    Yours and ours is a mainstream position but unfortunately the mainstream doesn’t participate a lot in public online discussions, so mostly the noisy minority is heard. They also tend to be the ones with their own agenda to promote, an agenda often conflicting with nudism as practiced by most.

    So we’ll keep seeing ‘nudist’ and ‘naturist’ attached to everything that happens involving a nude person, and no one of authority will stand up and say, enough! They too have their agendas, it would seem.

    • Thank you Steve and Angie. I was beginning to think I was the only one in our community with this opinion. I saw opinions supporting the protests against the ban and calls to action (complete with pictures of men wearing cock rings) but have not seen much on the fact that aligning ourselves with this behavior damages our cause and reputation. I see the hand of the media in this push to associate “Nudists” with this behavior. I guess it sells their articles and associated advertising. It would seem that if Supervisor Wiener had approached a group of [real] Nudists in the community and asked for help curbing this trend toward indecency he would have found that he had a true force behind him. Just like the force that maintains and monitors the behavior at many nude beaches.

  2. I am a retired Veteran Disabled and no transportation,so i cant make it to the places i can go nude. So i do it at home. Ireally mis the sun on my body and the healthy fresh air that gos along with going natural.

  3. I do wish the so called “nudists” that cause problems in the community would behave properly. The behavior of the few certainly make it more difficult for us who try to do things the right way.

  4. What a waste. One of the few cities in the US that publicly allow our choice of clothing, or rather lack of, is now in real danger of losing that freedom just because a group decided to stroke up and slip on cock rings. They are ruining something that the rest of us only dream about. As stated before this is not nudist/naturist behavior. If this were to happen at the places where we go, these folks would be promptly shown the gate. Some say the rings are jewelry. I’m having a tough time buying that one!!! Somehow I doubt I can go to the local jewelry store and buy a diamond set cock ring!!! In any case it is really sad that a few folks have to mess up such a good thing.

  5. What is the quote? The price of freedom is eternal vigilance?

    We tend to be in a society where those who act outside the norm tend to make life difficult for those of us who are responsible in our decisions. Remember elementary school where one person could “ruin it for the whole class?”

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