Naturist Math

The Idea that people equate nudity with sex prompted me to consider what is or is not proper (equation) with regard to the topic of nudity.  Of course this was all for my amusement and no mathematicians were harmed (or stripped) during the course of writing this article.  It was just an attempt to put into logical terms the way Naturists understand the nudity issue relative to the majority.

(<> means not equal to)

N <> sex

N <> Lewdness

N = Natural

Natural = Moral

½ N = Lust

Shame = Prurience

Prurience = (problems with society)

N = Nude


Legalize Nudity;

criminalize (actual) lewd behavior;

stop using shame to control lust;

finally eliminate the vestiges of the puritanical Victorian era;

re-connect and cooperate with nature.

This can be broken down as follows …

N <> sex

Let’s agree that nudity does not have to be associated with sex. We can be nude at a gym locker room and it does not mean sex. We can be nude during medical treatments and it does not mean sex. The list goes on, so Nude does not mean sex.

N <> Lewdness

Nudity and Lewdness are different. One can be nude without being lewd in behavior. Admittedly today’s society is used to having the two equated but it is not inherently so. A nude child is not inherently lewd and therefore the two cannot be equated. Lewdness is wrong if nude or not.

N = Natural

We are all born naked. All mammals are born naked. It is the natural way (the way we are created) and therefore is natural.

Natural = Moral

Anything that is in its natural state should be considered moral. We are not talking about natural behavior! Natural behavior could be also immoral. We are not arguing that someone who is born a sociopath is morally right to kill people (behavior). Someone being in the state in which they are born could not immoral as it is of God’s design.

1/2N = Lust

Semi-clothed people, especially when the clothing is designed for sexual attraction are more likely to cause lustful thoughts than people who are nude. Studies have proven it. Hiding creates curiosity and fantasy and sometimes obsession. This is the antithesis of the puritanical reason for requirement of clothing.

Shame = Prurience

To assure compliance with the clothing requirement rules of the last 200 years parents must use shame to force their child to wear uncomfortable unnatural clothing that they naturally do not wish to wear. This shame persists with them for the rest of their life and is a plaque on western society causing prurient (sex charged) behavior and lifestyle. It creates the shameful (and therefore secretive) private life and a public life of pretense. It causes teenage girls to hate themselves to the point of starvation and mutilation because they don’t live up to the ideal body displayed by models and touch-up artists. What else would they compare their own body to when the natural (average) human body is never seen? They already think their body is shameful; after all that is how it all began …

Prurience = (problems with society)

Western society is propagating an error in social control that began in the Victorian era: to control lust by requiring the body to be covered in clothes. We have strategically stripped away the requirement of complete covering and have now allowed promotion and marketing to blaze a trail using sex (partial nudity) to sell products and influence our everyday life.

We continue (without challenge or comparative experience) to propagate the same error generation after generation. It is getting worse not better. I challenge anyone to try non-sexual family friendly nudity and they will discover that it is wholesome, moral, and natural and their mind will be forever changed as to what was morally right and wrong. Open your mind and discard the body shame and realize that the cure is that which has been erroneously deemed the cause.

We can choose to honor naturalness rather than condemn it,

for that condemnation builds a prison in our own minds

that manages to divide us from the vessels that carry us through the day.

Skin is skin and just that.

The rest of the story is a trick of the mind.

Such tricks separate us from our humanity and from our beingness,

for beneath our titles, our wealth, our geography, (ego)

that is what we all are: human beings.

After 400 years, let’s construct normalcy,

a relationship between our mind and our body that jettisons manmade prurience, replacing it with honor, dignity, and love.


–< R JNatural >–



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  1. It’s LEWD, dude. Do a spell check. “Lude” is slang for quaalude.

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