All-nudist posted a challenge to comment on a post Nudism in the New Misogyny by another blogger to which I posted a comment …

The President of AANR is Susan Weaver (female). I believe that everyone I have had occasion to deal with at The Naturist Society has been female. The female presence in YNA is undeniable. Where is the Male Domination to which she refers? I will stay away from the politics and her experiences are hers and not ours to validate. I encourage all persons (male or female) to Naturism. Increasing female population will surly correct the imbalance in population that she accurately implies.

Note: If you take the time to read the original post, please don’t stop at the end of the post. The comments are the best part.

Having gone back to the original blog and read the litany of well thought out comments and banter I realize that the original post was a vent of feelings (good for a blog) but fell short of communicating the actual circumstances that lead to the feelings in the first place.

Now that Christiana has elaborated in rebuttal comments I understand better where she is coming from.   Originally, in her post, she seemed to be stating her opinions in the abstract.  The implication (from my perspective) was the all Naturist males were this way; even as compared to males in general.  Now that she has (in comments) elaborated on her actual factual experience with “leadership” being an owner of a resort where she experienced first-hand an improper event, the original post feels more like her dealing with an (obviously) inappropriate experience.

I applaud Christina for dealing with the issue however she can.  Notwithstanding her [real] experience, I find that, in general, males in Naturism are relatively more rather than less understanding and careful about their behavior relative to women.  Everyone has the opportunity to perceive the same situation differently.  That is the nature of human beings as compared to other animals.  We take in all sensory input and consciously direct attention to the input that matters to the individual, update our mental model of the world around us and apply that model to the affect on the “self” which is also a mental model.  Sorry for the digression into a field of interest – the way the mind works relative to programming (my field).

The point is that we can be presented with the same experience and the perception of its affect on us can be different.  I have been touched or slapped on the butt by people male and female (some friends and family) and I perceived it more like the playful tap on the butt you might give a toddler as the run by.  The same touch might be perceived as an assault on a vulnerable female when done by person in authority.  This is why it is illegal in Texas for teachers to have a relationship with a student at any age.  Christina is dealing with something that should never have happened.  However, Nudism is not at fault.  Exploitation of females happens.  It shouldn’t happen.  I see more evidence of female exploitation in general than I do in Nudism specifically.

As to the politics: the government is not a social fix.  It should stay out of our lives as much as possible.  So based on the premise, I don’t see how any political view has to do with this discussion.

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