Naturism and sex

OK, you have heard me (and others) say it many many times … “Naturism has nothing to do with sex” … but why do we feel the need to say that? Saying it might even cause confusion. After all Naturists have sex as much as anyone else. They are normal function humans and therefore do think about sex as well.

Some Naturists are more sexually active than others. We are sexually diverse too. Each of us (Naturist or not) has our own tastes and experiences. Really it is not that Naturism has nothing to do with sex, but that the two have no direct bearing on each other. The connection between Naturism and sex is not direct.

Consider the following …

Fact – Some Naturists are bank tellers. One would not feel the need to say that Naturism has nothing to do with bank tellers. One should also not say that Naturism has something to do with bank tellers. Ahahh! That is it isn’t it? People (from outside Naturism) have said that Naturism is about sex (exhibitionism, voyeurism etc) causing us to make statements in defense of the truth.

The following facts may be better served in the defense of the truth.

First – It is surprising how easy it is to get used to being nude and being around nudity. Most people find that within a short time they forget that they are nude and vice versa. It is natural! It is wholesome.

Second – the vast majority of people who experience Naturism (at least past the initial deprogramming) recover from the ignorance afflicting those that do not [experience it]. They “get it”. So we can say that those who make these statements are making them from a position of misunderstanding (at least).

Third – once you “get it” you begin to better understand that the prejudices you held were unfounded. Not only prejudices about nudity but also about body type, skin color, sexual orientation, weight, disability, infirmity, nationality etc. This realization contributes to the dialog about “body acceptance” about which you so often hear.

Let’s correct the record. Naturism is less about sex than Puritanism is about sex. Of course I am generalizing by calling non-Naturism Puritanism but that is where the gymnophobia that is represented in the American culture began. It is [I believe] an unhealthy connection between any nudity and sex that causes imbalance and disorder resulting in the prurient (sex charged) society that we see manifest every day in the news.

Sex is not identified with Naturism [actually] only a charge, like a pointed finger, thrown at Naturism from those that do not know. Naturism is less prurient than the Puritan norm.

 –< R JNatural >–

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  1. Family naturism and family camping are virtually indistinguishable other than for some extra bare skin. No one would ever think of asking if camping is sexy; it’s only the idea of bare skin that brings sex to mind.
    Breaking that connection between bare skin and sex is the hardest thing to explain to Textiles, and the easiest thing to understand once you’ve tried nudism!
    You’re right in saying that nudists don’t spend much time talking about sex; it just seems like it because we’re constantly trying to explain the above to Textiles!

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