Fear of Nudity

We at East Texas Area Naturists appreciate J Blum of YNA being an ambassador for Naturism / Nudism.  Please read her article.

Why Do People Fear Nudity And Can We Change This?

Why People Are Afraid Nudity

Fear Of Nudity

Fear Of Nudity

In some cultures nudity is frowned upon due to social and religious structures. This may be due to cultural or religious beliefs or other forms of upbringing. Often people are taught that the body is shameful and should be hidden by clothing and that nudity should be discouraged. In most places public nudityis illegal and can translate into being uncomfortable with it even in a more private location.  Other social inhibitions may prevent people from being nude in a public setting (even where it is allowed) such as fear of reprisal from friends or family since it can be looked down upon as being indecent.   …

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