YNA Turns Two

Please read this [another] wonderful article at YNA.  We at East Texas Area Naturists support YNA as should we all and wish them well in their next 20+ years.  My only wishes are that New York was not such a great distance and that I was 25 years younger so I could be more involved personally.  Keep up the good work – please know you are appreciated!

YNA – 2 years & We Are Still Here – If We Will Be Here 2 Years From Now Is Up To You!

Guest Blog by: Jordan Blum

yna nude night out early years YNA Turns Two

A memorable photo from one of the first “Nude Night Out” parties icon smile YNA Turns Two

This month, YNA is celebrating its 2 year anniversary. It seems like only yesterday we had our first Nude Night Out in Manhattan. Thinking back to that first naked party, I still can’t believe how much we have grown and how many people we have met.

For those of you who were not there on day one… We had the most frustrating time just finding a place that would be willing to host a naked party, not to mention the struggle to get a bunch of people to attend.

Today’s events pull in at least 100 or more people, and they keep getting bigger and bigger. Much of the time we are forced to turn away people because the venue won’t be able to hold more!

YNA has drawn most of its following from the mainstream, a sign that there is much interest in what we do and offer. But those early days were not easy and as we grew, things got even more difficult.

We made some mistakes in the beginning because we underestimated just how un-evolved the nudist movement was and still is.

We also underestimated the willingness of other groups and organizations to collaborate and work together towards a common goal. …


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