Our Humanity Uniform

It is often difficult to articulate effectively a belief in something and the reasons why. If you read some of my posts, especially older ones, you might get an understanding, but they tend to be quite verbose. This post constitutes my attempt at being less verbose and clearer. If I am successful, 99.9% of Naturists/Nudists should agree and a majority of non-Naturists [yet] should at least understand.

To begin with, we believe that the majority in America suffers from an irrational fear of nudity. We do not fear nudity, nor do we wish to accommodate such fear. We believe that to habitually hide ourselves (or parts of ourselves) is a pretense and is unnatural. Ultimately, it becomes less about nudity and more about NOT having to be clothed.

Many people have not experienced the sensation of our whole skin exposed to the elements without shame; replaced with the feeling that all of life’s problems just seem to slip away. It is a feeling of trust, honesty, mutual concern and acceptance, a feeling of confidence, well-being and freedom. It frees us to connect with each other, nature and the environment.

We believe that hiding (behind clothing, doors, curtains etc.) builds emotional walls, and distances us from humanity. Clothing is used as a mask and/or a status symbol that tends to disguise our character. Without clothes, we are alike while being extremely diverse with many different body types. With this understanding, we readily accept our own body and those of others. We learn to ignore the physical and material and focus on individual character. The masks and status symbols are discarded. This can be held in contrast against the media portrayal of an expectation of the ideal body type and the damage that expectation causes to our health and wellness.

That which begins as nudity evolves into much more. It becomes a principal; a philosophy. Self respect results in respect for others and respect for nature. Naturists seem more genuine. We find that we are comfortable with other Naturists (clothed or not). From this experience, we find we prefer the honesty, integrity, honor represented in the ideals of Naturism. While we are proud to be associated with this movement, it is difficult to be completely open because of general misconceptions. Due to the misconceptions, many would prefer to lose the label (Nudist/Naturist) if only the substance of the philosophy would stand on its own. We all would prefer that every Naturist could have the confidence to talk freely about this without judgment. To be overly careful, some of us become hyper-purist and become overly guarded about innocent touching (hugging etc.). While this attitude is well intentioned, it causes us to [again] be distanced from our humanity. We [humans] touch, we hug, and that should not change because we are unclothed.

We (as a group) tend not to adequately lobby for our own human rights because we are so eager to yield rights to others. The nature of the philosophy can make us somewhat meek. We would all love for nudity to be seen as something normal (as we do) rather than strange. We want people to understand that there is no [actual] harm for someone to see another of his/her own species in his/her natural state. The only harm is to belief systems that demand obedience over reasoned choice. They should understand that Naturism is an enjoyable activity suitable for all, including children.

If we all could freely wear our humanity uniform we would find we are all actually on the same team.


–< R JNatural >–




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  2. Excellent. My feelings exactly. Thanks for posting.

  3. Very well done. I like how you have found the words to say that it’s less about a movement than about a philosophy, and to criticize that sometimes we tend to be overly guarded about something that, in our own view, should be much more open. Good food for thought!

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  5. I too am drawn to the naturist lifestyle, but I’m still hesitant to “take the plunge” into social nudity. I do understand the principles of shedding all outward signs of status and have an innate desire for total and complete simplicity and these seem both to be embodied in my studies of the naturist lifestyle.

    There are, however comments you make that I have a problem with. It bothers me greatly when critics of a philosophy are dismissed by attributing a strictly emotional motivation to the critics. In my experience, there are those on both sides of any argument who are motivated by fear, greed, ignorance, hatred or any other emotional response you can dream up. But to assume that the only reason that someone would disagree with a philosophy is strictly on emotional grounds is in my opinion as intellectually dishonest as those who dismiss naturists as being unduly interested in matters of sex.

    Any philosophy must begin the way Socrates began his: with the assumption that I know nothing. We cannot learn if we already believe to know all the facts. In a sense, to be truly naked, we not only must strip ourselves of our clothes but also of our preconceptions and opinions of others. That includes others who disagree with us.

    To assume that modern society looks dis-favorably at the naked body because of fear, discounts much intellectual discussion about the nature of temptation and the protection and raising of children. Offhanded discounting of traditional morals comes with some very dangerous pitfalls.

    There is nothing wrong with challenging the moral standards of any society. That is how a society grows. But when it is done it must be done very carefully. Even if the objection is fear, there is a reason for the fear and that reason must be looked at very carefully.

    The burden of proof lies on us not on those who disagree with us.

    • Thank you for the well written comment. I am glad you are considering taking the plunge and advise you to not hesitate. Your only regret will be the time wasted during your hesitation. You might (however) revisit my statements after having experienced Naturism for a while just to see if some of the philosophical differences we might have may seem less stark. While I do agree with almost everything you said in principal I think you will find your feelings become less idealized in practicum. If you read some other (older) posts you might find valid arguments presented as justification for the article you reference. Based on comments I have received and the overwhelming activity associated with that particular post I believe it to be quite well aligned with the experience and philosophy of other Naturists. RJ

      • RJ,

        I went tent camping at a naturist resort over the weekend. You are right that I’m kicking myself for not doing this sooner. It wasn’t my first naturist outing but it was the first time really immersing myself in the “culture.” I really had a great time and met some really friendly people. Although most of the weekend was overcast and cooler I did manage to get a sunburn in places I’m not accustomed to. Oh well… can’t say after researching naturism for the better part of the last year that I hadn’t been warned about that.

        As far as my original reply, it was not written out of ignorance of the lifestyle, rather with a lifetime of experience in conservative politics. Despite my interest in naturism, I am a strong social conservative and I can tell you without hesitation that accusing one’s beliefs to be stemming from fear is like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

        I’ve read through all of your blog posts and while they were all very enjoyable and informative, your repeated attempts at assigning motives to others is worrisome to me. There is little difference between your assertion that the public opposes naturism out of fear and the opposition claiming that we are unduly interested in sex. In my opinion, both are unhelpful and both have the potential for doing more damage than good.

        Please don’t take what I write as berating you or as a personal attack against you. You are an excellent blogger with some very good positive points and I wish you would post more often. If it’s true that people will believe a lie if they hear it enough times, then the truth should be spoken more than the lie. Just leave the moniker “‘fraidy cat” on the children’s playground.

        • I am so glad to here that you took the plunge and even happier that you enjoyed yourself. I respect your stance on the articles and fully accept your opinion. Thank you for the compliments and your request to post more often. Work has been occupying a lot of time and spare time seems to be going toward getting the yard ready for the nice weather. Blogging is new to me and has been more about getting the ideas out of my head and on (virtual) paper than it has been about finding others in agreement with those ideas. Please continue to enjoy your new endeavor, it makes me feel good that I might have played a small part in it’s realization. RJ

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