Being Naked When We Want

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“We also think that nudity is only for those who are young and in shape.  Anyone seeing me naked would know that neither of those things are true about me.  That being the case, the observing party might come to the conclusion that I had no right to be naked in public.  If I were twenty and a body builder, perhaps.

What crap!

I am sure there are those who want to “get nekkid” precisely so that they can flash their junk.  There are always going to be those sickos!  The vast majority of naturists/nudists want to be nude for very different reasons.  Some, like me, want to feel the connection to earth, nature, or even spirit.  Being nude accentuates that.  Some do it for health reason, believing that the sun and fresh air make them healthier.  Some just because they enjoy the feeling.  For all these folks, it has no more to do with sex than being clothed does; maybe less.

I know some people say that we naturists should not push the boundaries of where we can enjoy nudity.  If we are at a club, or designated beach, then fine, but don’t include parks or all beaches, or city streets.  I disagree.  I don’t think that we should be obnoxious about it, but I do believe that we should push to have the right to be nude where we want.  If we are not involved in sexual activity, or the suggestion of sexual activity (you know, waving our stuff around in a sexual manner) then we should have the right to be nude where and when we want.”

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