This time of year, there are many posts expressing those things for which we are thankful. This post represents my personal list as it pertains to Naturism (This is a Naturist blog).

First and foremost I am thankful for my wonderful wife (of 38 years). I could not ask for a better partner for life. She believes in Naturist principals and supports me completely. She can get pretty vocal if someone questions my motives or principals.

I am thankful for my loving family including my extended family. My Daughter (you know her as NIT), my Son-In-Law [Naturists], and 3 grandchildren 11, 15 and 16; My Son, my Daughter-In-Law [in training ;-)] and 3 younger granddaughters 3, 5 and 11 from them.

Grand children! That is wonderful in itself, but I am blessed to have a friendship with all of our grandchildren as well as our adult children.

I am thankful for those family and friends accept me completely and naturally.

I am especially thankful for the relationship with my children-in-law. They are not children but that is the name. It is probably rare that one would have such a good relationship with a son or daughter in law. Especially when complicated by the fact that I am a Naturists. I am blessed to have a great relationship with both and love them very much.

I am thankful to have an opportunity to live in a country where I can be myself and thankful that there seems to be progression toward acceptance of Naturism more generally.

I am thankful for my massage therapist (Yo) of 17 years and my Yoga instructor (L. J.) for helping to keep this body moving and for their acceptance of who I am.

I am thankful that I have the opportunity to express my thoughts here. It would be worth doing even if nobody read the blog but thousands do, and I appreciate that there are those who share a philosophy with me.

I am thankful that I am able to do a job that I love. It has been a lifetime of hard work, dedication and education but I am able to do that which I love from my home without getting dressed.

It has been enlightening to reflect on this – what a truly wonderful life – I am very thankful!

 –< R JNatural >–



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