YNA – My Body Image Issues And How Social Nudity Changed My Life

Another good article over at YNA …

childrenandnudismdiagram 300x216 Body Image Cure   Social Nudity !

Many people in the United States struggle with body image issues. The world around us keeps tells us that we have to look like skinny celebrities. Needless to say, this can be hard for people to live up to.

There is a huge stigma, especially for women, that they have to be very thin. I have struggled with my weight since I was 13 years old. I never understood calories and fat. My family let me eat whatever I wanted and really did not teach me about healthy eating or exercise.

This created problems for me at school especially gym class. I felt so depressed that I could not really take part in P.E. class. I looked so different from the other girls in my class who were all taking ballet, gymnastics, cheer leading, or were running track and playing sports.

By 18, I had taken steps to curb my weight and was back down to 97 pounds. Two years later, I got married and got pregnant and then suddenly those body image issues became front and center again. I gained over 65 pounds!!! Now, five years and three kids later I have had to deal with these issues head on.

A friend told me that she was able to deal with her body image issues by attending social activities while nude. …

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