School yard attitude

She is fat. He is nerdy. He looks stupid. She has a scar. She is flat-chested. The people you see and a nude beach are not the ones you want to see naked. These comments sound like those of immature bullies in a schoolyard; or like the “popular kid” in high school putting down others to build themselves up. But these comments are being made by adults in our society.



What does any genetic trait or attribute regarding appearance have to do with that which really matters? Does a “fat person” or an “old person” have any less right to enjoy a day on the beach that a “good looking skinny person”?

Here is what I have found to be true. Those with blessed lives (looks, proportions, money) are not always the ones with true character. You see, struggle builds character. Those who have less struggle less have less opportunity to build character. Those who struggle more have it easy; their character is built by the struggle.



So, what does this have to do with Naturism?

I believe that the practice [attraction] of Naturism is to grow beyond the pretense. To look beyond the clothes used to define our importance. To be totally honest in our presentation; nothing hidden. To realize the true character of the individual regardless of their physical attributes. Of course we [also] appreciate a well proportioned human form. But our priorities are on character. And we do not discriminate based on genetic traits or physical imperfections.

Discriminate – consider this for a moment…

Are those who are “offended” by nudity really harmed, or are they using this argument to discriminate?

You often hear the argument expressed when someone (who is not accustomed to nudity) when being confronted by another person’s nudity that they are “offended”. Really?  what is offensive?

It is offensive to be forced (by threat of legal punishment) to wear clothes when not practical. The expectation that we should cover our natural body with cloth to [somehow] protect them from being offended is discrimination. They would prefer not to see our flaws. They would prefer not to be expected to show their flaws. That is the reason for the clothing requirement. So we are forced to cover, or hide in seclusion.

Let’s not hide.

I am not suggesting that you run out in the street and provoke confrontation. However, you shouldn’t have to hide. Express to your friends and family the benefits of Naturism whenever an opportunity arises. Let people know that we are open, caring, [relatively] normal individuals and that we would rather not cover up to appease the fears and insecurities of society. Laws will change when the attitude of the people is changed. Maybe we can correct a people one person at a time…


–< R JNatural >–



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  2. Brian Anthony Kraemer

    R J Natural,

    I’ve been a nudist a long time and you are the first person I’ve heard capture the essence of what we’re being asked to do, to hide. The bottom line is we’re being demanded to hide under threat of ridicule, fine, imprisonment, and even death. The question is why are the majority of people willing to go along with this demand to hide. Are people so frightened that they have turned hiding into a norm? Are people so insecure about their own bodies that they must demand that other people they imagine to be more attractive must hide themselves in order avoid the competition? What is going on?

    Other animal species hide momentarily behind a tree or a bush or in a cave, but human beings have made hiding an almost universal condition. Certainly the human animal has not always hidden its genitals. I want to know when this custom began and why. I want to reject it as a false way of living, an inferior way of living, something that takes away from my right to and enjoyment of a full life and enough Vitamin D to sustain a long life as well. Did you know that Vitamin D deficiency is considered an epidemic and that twenty or so cancers have been linked to a deficiency of this lone vitamin and the simple solution is nudity fifteen to thirty minutes a day of glorious sun all over our unhidden bodies. Even nature herself rewards us for not hiding and punishes us for hiding.

    Whenever I mention to anyone that I’m a naturist/nudist, they immediately assume that I want to be nude all day, every day, in ever situation. They are so wrong. I don’t hate clothing. In fact, I enjoy clothing. I think it’s soft and handsome and comfortable and practical for protecting my skin from too much cold or heat or briars when I’m picking blackberries. What I want people to know is that I know that we are all born into life without shame and without fear of being seen and we are intended to live lives of authenticity and comfort and freedom and peace and happiness. We should put clothes on and take them off and put them and take them off as freely as we breathe in and out, as freely as our pupils automatically constrict in the sun and dilate in the dark. We should have no body shame or fear or self-consciousness or what people wrongly call “modesty.” Modesty is a made-up word for people so insecure about their own bodies they need to demand the behavior of others.

    I’m not a Christian, but Jesus said, “Consider the lilies of the field who neither sow nor spin. Even King Solomon in all his regality was not dressed so beautifully as they.” He also said, “No one lights and lamp and then hides it under a bushel basket. No, he lights it and sets it out in the middle of the room on a table so that it can give light to everyone.” This is what we must do also. We must let our “light” so shine that others might be inspired to live fully as well.

  3. Brian,
    Thank you for the post and the kind words. I believe the majority of that which we see today is the result of a Victorian era solution to social immorality. If you read some of my older posts I present an opinion that it is a failed solution in that it actually caused the reverse.
    People have a sense for that which is natural and correct. If denied unnecessarily, they will develop compulsions that may be dangerous to them and others.
    Many people forget that bathing suits were only invented a relatively short time ago. What did people wear before then? They wore the natural suit that you and I wear; their Humanity Uniform (search for my post by that name). They also forget (or gloss over) the fact that clothing during the time represented in the Bible was sparse and rare. Most people wore clothing only when necessary for warmth and protection. Baptisms were mostly done in the nude and in mixed gender situations.
    We truly need to have the innocence of children when thinking about nudity. It is the fascination and sexualization that leads to the problems. Naturists know this.

  4. i found a clothes opp beach in or i just loved it feelin warm of sun all over my body. it is a lots of people of same walkin up and down beach by sun bathin in nude, i just loved the fellin of not have to wear clothes.

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  6. I like your Pic with the words: “If you don’t like it… Don’t look”. It captures a tremendous contradiction in our called “civilized” societies: The right “not to see” has never been a human right, because you always have the right to look elsewhere. But this “Right” effectively exists in many countries: Remember those who could not see …Jews, blacks, Homos,…. Those who don’t want to see a naked body, and Prohibit people to go naked are to be placed at this level

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