Naked and Afraid

Being a fan of the Survivor series from the beginning, and a Naturist; when I saw the trailer for the “Naked and Afraid” series on Discovery channel I was naturally intrigued.


Many questions entered my mind… Would they show everything? Would they sexualize the nudity factor (like most of our society)? What would be the reaction of the general public?

The series has run its season and the questions are answered. The genitals are blurred along with women’s breasts (why I will never understand). All other body parts seem to be fair game. I noticed no sexualization of the nudity which I view as earning huge kudos for Discovery channel.

Judging by Facebook comments from friends of friends who are non Naturists and Naturists alike, the intrigue seems to be shared by many others. There is a “million mom” action that chastises Discovery for showing pornographic (but cheeks) video on television for all innocent children to see. Apparently children don’t have but cheeks and should therefore never see a pair and should also only know shame for the wonderful creation that is represented in our human body …

In general I see the series as favorable for the Naturist/Nudist community. The average person never gets to experience simple nudity (in a non sexual way). This series seems to facilitate the understanding in others that once the initial “we are naked” is over with… and over with quickly I might add … people tend to get on with the task at hand. They meet, acknowledge their mutual nudity, realize they have a lot of work ahead of them to survive and get on with it. Some survivalists seem to waste time early in their adventure fashioning rudimentary clothing.


I say waste time because the clothing they fashion seems to be to cover their breasts and genitals [seen already] and not for more obvious survival requirements like warmth when it is cold at night or to reduce sunburn damage, or sandals to prevent damage to the feet.

Naturists/Nudists understand quite well that simple nudity is not a threat to morality, modesty or social function. This series offers a small glimpse into those facts without actually stating them.

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2 Responses to Naked and Afraid

  1. I enjoyed your review of “Baked and Afraid” along with an earlier episode of “Naked Castaway” as both showed naturism in a positive light. I look forward to the second season of “Naked and Afraid”. I would suggest that everyone would go the websit, see every episode, read the bios of each participant and the comments from various viewers. We all nudists should and would be encouraged.

  2. I guess if it gets people talking about the subject of nudism constructively it is a good thing.

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