Do others have the right to expect us to be attractive to them? We have become a society so accustomed to being fed visually attractive experience that some seem to believe they have that right. We routinely judge the value of an individual based on their looks while paying little attention to their character, actions, spirit or intention. We even extend the same judgments to ourselves and devalue our contribution based only on our own perception of our looks.

OneBodySome people are lucky enough (with some effort) to be found visually attractive to a majority of the population. However, we must remember that we are diverse beings and so are our preferences. Someone might be attractive to one and found to be unattractive to others; and vice versa.

We can and should respect one another without expecting them to meet our criteria for being attractive. We can appreciate each other’s diversity and unique [yet amazing] human form while resisting the need to judge them against our expectations of perfect.


As Naturists, our experience has taught us that this is a truth. We accept each body as perfect for the person with whom it was blessed. Each person’s scars are a reflection of their experience and character to overcome. Sure, each of us personally might find some specifically attractive; that is how we form relationships. It is important that we do not develop an expectation of anyone that they must meet our criteria for attractive to be considered valuable. Judge others not by their looks but by their actions and character. Look into their eyes to discover their spirit instead of judging body parts.


Remember, we are born naked, that is the natural state of humanity. We are free and more sensitive to our surroundings when naked. We are more honest and vulnerable to discovery when not wearing clothes. Nudity is not pornographic and not at all wrong despite the assertions of some that misunderstand or are driven by fear. Being nude is not a signal of availability or of diminished modesty. Any judgment to the contrary is the fault of the person judging rather than the human being nude.

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