As caring people, we would like to accommodate your feelings on nudity. However, your expectation that we must always accommodate you, and you to never accommodate us, assumes a premise that your beliefs are honorable and correct and our beliefs are not.

Most of my friends and family intuitively understand this. When entering their home they say “make yourself comfortable … get naked”. If I were dressed when they come to visit they would think something was wrong. When viewing family or vacation pictures they expect that they may encounter nudity and would not expect me to filter them. Often we have groups of people over to enjoy the pool etc. and often the group is mixed between clothed and unclothed. They are all respectful of each other and their respective beliefs. There have been a few family and friends that do not get it. They expect us to always make the accommodation.

For the purpose of exercising the openness of our minds please consider the following facts. There is a large number of people who believe that it is correct for any woman to be covered from head to toe and to be accompanied by a male family member at all times in public, otherwise she would be considered guilty for the resulting victimization that she endures at the behest of a gang of men. There are also a large number of people who believe that clothing should be worn at all times when around others. That not doing so is akin to pornography. There are a large number of people who believe that the human body is inherently decent and good and that arbitrarily covering it with clothing is unnecessary and unnatural, and the practice has negative and dangerous social and moral results. In practice there are gradients of beliefs between these depictions and beyond, but for the purpose of this comparison bare with me (pun intended).

Consider the following depiction …


Now open your mind to that fact that you might be in belief system 2 and you are being judged by belief system 1 to be wrong and immoral. You are expected to cover completely at all times to accommodate the beliefs of system 1. This [of course] includes beaches where you are expected to remain covered. Your belief system tells you that this is wrong and that it is immoral for those people to expect you to accommodate their beliefs, but alas you must because they believe you should.

Despite your indignation telling you differently, there is practically no difference between that comparison and the same comparison applying belief system 2 and belief system 3. Let’s face it, you would not relinquish your rights in this way based only on the beliefs of other’s– nor should you.

Now that our mind is a little more open, let’s begin from the assumption of equality of beliefs and negotiate our position from there…

I will wear clothes when visiting your home if you will remove yours when visiting mine. Or conversely, I will wear clothes when you visit my home if you accommodate me with nudity when I visit your home. When out in a public place (Maintained for or used by the people or community) we each can wear as much or as little fabric as we respectively believe to be correct. I will not presume that you should remove your clothes to be allowed in a public place, providing you do not presume I should cover myself to be allowed to take advantage of the places we share.

Consider this comparison carefully as life has a way of changing. Your indignation and arrogance at being in belief system 2 at the moment may be less realistic if you suddenly find yourself to be the one who is fighting for your beliefs to be understood and accepted.


–< R J Genie-smallNatural >–


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