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R J Natural (pen name) has lived in East Texas for over 20 years.  He has been a Naturist most of his life (in his mid 50s) but only publicly for a hand full of years.  This page will serve as a root for R J’s blogs

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October 22 2013


As caring people, we would like to accommodate your feelings on nudity. However, your expectation that we must always accommodate you, and you to never accommodate us, assumes a premise that your beliefs are honorable and correct and our beliefs are not.

October 14 2013


If you think a lady breastfeeding in public is a sexual or exhibitionist event then you are the pervert.  Breasts are primarily for feeding our young, not for sexual gratification (yours or anybody’s).


October 13 2013


Do others have the right to expect us to be attractive to them? We have become a society so accustomed to being fed visually attractive experience that some seem to believe they have that right. We routinely judge the value of an individual based on their looks while paying little attention to their character, actions, spirit or intention. We even extend the same judgments to ourselves …

October 7 2013


Naturists believe in the innocence and decency of the human body. To us, the application of sexual context to simple nudity is evidence of diminished moral health.

Some view our innocent nudity through the prism of prurience and perceive pornography and deviance. These are not realities just perceptions derived from their point of view. However, [they] make laws forcing us to cover our natural state to “protect” them and their children from considering our reality. …


August 11 2013

Naked and Afraid

Being a fan of the Survivor series from the beginning, and a Naturist; when I saw the trailer for the “Naked and Afraid” series on Discovery channel I was naturally intrigued.


Many questions entered my mind… Would they show everything? Would they sexualize the nudity factor (like most of our society)? What would be the reaction of the general public?


March 24 2013

Principals of Naturism

You often hear claims that Naturists have high standards of personal conduct and principals that would seem to be intended to justify their social nudity to others who may not otherwise understand or accept the concept. The claims are usually embedded in articles and essays but rarely listed definitively. This article is an attempt to clearly list those principals with minimal fluff or attempt at justification. No group of people (including Naturists) will agree on everything. Some may argue with individual points or wording but in general the following list is applicable.


January 5 2013


What is a Naturist?


This post is indented as a resource for those who might have just discovered that a friend or family member is a Naturist. It is important to understand the principals and philosophy behind Naturism so that you do not jump to conclusions that are inaccurate. Many inaccurately associate Naturism with hedonistic behavior or wife swapping etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is actually quite wholesome and family oriented with expectations of high moral character. Here is an excerpt from an article that covers a large portion of our belief system.


December 7 2012

Laws requiring clothing

Sexualization and lewdness are symptoms of behavior caused by clothing compulsiveness in society. This fact is supported by the profusion of values present in Naturist/Nudist culture as compared to the diminished values apparent in society at large.

The creation of laws requiring clothing only exacerbates and does nothing to solve the problem. There are laws against lewd and dangerous behavior. These laws (if enforced) are adequate to protect society without the need to require clothing. Criminalizing the [natural] human form only promotes shame, disgust and intolerance.

December 5 2012

School yard attitude

She is fat. He is nerdy. He looks stupid. She has a scar. She is flat-chested. The people you see and a nude beach are not the ones you want to see naked. These comments sound like those of immature bullies in a schoolyard; or like the “popular kid” in high school putting down others to build themselves up. But these comments are being made by adults in our society.

November 20 2012


This time of year, there are many posts expressing those things for which we are thankful. This post represents my personal list as it pertains to Naturism (This is a Naturist blog).

November 15 2012

Our Humanity Uniform

It is often difficult to articulate effectively a belief in something and the reasons why. If you read some of my posts, especially older ones, you might get an understanding, but they tend to be quite verbose. This post constitutes my attempt at being less verbose and clearer. If I am successful, 99.9% of Naturists/Nudists should agree and a majority of non-Naturists [yet] should at least understand.

To being with, we believe that the majority in America suffers from an irrational fear of nudity. We do not fear nudity, nor do we wish to accommodate such fear. We believe that to habitually hide ourselves (or parts of ourselves) is a pretense and is unnatural. Ultimately, it becomes less about nudity and more about

November 7 2012

Naturism and sex

OK, you have heard me (and others) say it many many times … “Naturism has nothing to do with sex” … but why do we feel the need to say that? Saying it might even cause confusion. After all Naturists have sex as much as anyone else. They are normal function humans and therefore do think about sex as well.

Some Naturists are more sexually active than others. We are sexually diverse too. Each of us (Naturist or not) has our own tastes and experiences.

November 2 2012


All-nudist posted a challenge to comment on a post Nudism in the New Misogyny by another blogger to which I posted a comment …

The President of AANR is Susan Weaver (female). I believe that everyone I have had occasion to deal with at The Naturist Society has been female. The female presence in YNA is undeniable. Where is the Male Domination to which she refers? I will stay away from the politics and her experiences are hers …

November  1 2012

Naturist Math

The Idea that people equate nudity with sex prompted me to consider what is or is not proper (equation) with regard to the topic of nudity.  Of course this was all for my amusement and no mathematicians were harmed (or stripped) during the course of writing this article.  It was just an attempt to put into logical terms the way Naturists understand the nudity issue relative to the majority. …

October 26 2012

The right to public nudity

I guess it is time for me to weigh in on the Castro district issue in San Francisco CA. For those that might not have been following this issue, District 8 supervisor Scott Wiener has been openly considering introducing a ban on public nudity in the Castro district of San Francisco where public nudity is legal and practiced. The news on this issue began last year when there was discussion…

October 21 2012

Yoga we have started. May the force be with us …

Yoga reminded me of Yoda so I took some liberties with the description. We have been talking about starting yoga for some time for the purpose of enhancing our healthy lifestyle. However, the thought of going to a class with a clothing requirement was insurmountable (for me). There seems to be …

October 10 2012


We are used to the status quo. That which is normal and acceptable is comfortable. It is easier to go with the flow. It is what we remember and it makes us comfortable to proceed as usual. This is why we find it easy to accept that normal is not always practical. Wearing clothes (bathing suit) to tan …

October 1 2012


A conversation between my wife and I today had me reflecting on a book I read this year called Growing up without shame (by Dennis Graig Smith with Dr. William Sparks). The book is on social nudity and its effects on children. Presented in the book are several interviews with persons (adult now) that were raised in Nudist/Naturist or at least with a casual family nudity …

September 26 2012

Distinctions in terminology

Maybe some of the misunderstandings associated with Naturism start with misunderstandings in terminology. Therefore, let’s take a moment to look at some clear definitions …

September 21 2012

What is in a name?

Some refer to themselves as Naturists and some as Nudists. From that which I can discern, the two are the same concept.

Naturism – a way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of nudity, with the intention of encouraging body acceptance, self-respect, respect for others, and respect for the environment.

Nudist – a person who practices nudity for reasons of health or religion.

Many use the terms interchangeably and others are convinced that they are different. If there is a distinction, it would seem to be that the Nudist term seems to be casual and recreational in practice; where the Naturist term seems  …

September 14 2012

Good part vs bad parts

Why are some parts considered good and some parts considered bad?

These are mental constructs. There is no innate programming of the human being that assures this constant within our understanding. These are learned ideas. They have been taught to us as children and reinforced by society. A child (prior to this teaching) knows nothing of such designations. They feel quite at ease playing and interacting with nature and other people dressed as they were born. The determination of those parts which are deemed to be  …

September 12 2012

What do Naturists Talk about?

Well, to start with we don’t often talk about Naturism. You might guess, from reading my rantings, that our conversations lend toward the politically motivated Naturist activist type. That is not so …

September 8 2012

Sign sign everywhere a sign

Yes this article is about signs but first I need to discuss the law which is the reason for the signs.  Please bear with me for a moment.

Texas law seems to have two sections that have to do with nudity …

September 6 2012

Why are they old?

Why are so many Naturists older?  Oh I know there are the Young Naturists of America http://nudistnaturistamerica.org/ and others.  However, I believe it is true that the average age of a Naturist is older than the average person.  Here is what I believe to be the answer …

September 6 2012

What’s behind the statement?

I have heard it said that “those that you would like to see naked – aren’t and those that you don’t want to see naked – are” or some variation of that statement in reference to nude beaches or resorts.  This statement makes me cringe and consider why it is necessary that they make it.  It is not Naturists who say that.  It is said by clothing compulsive individuals that do not [yet] understand that the human body is much more diverse than that which we are led to believe …

September 5 2012

So you have discovered your friend is a Naturist …

What now?

First – The world will not come to an end; however, you may need to re-learn that which you thought you knew about the subject.  This blog can help.

Second – There has been no offence committed.  If you found out the hard way (by an unexpected encounter with him/her nude) you must realize that he/she is probably relieved not embarrassed.   Therefore you have committed no offence to him/her by seeing him/her naked.  For a Naturist, the most difficult part is …

August 30 2012

Why do we go without clothes?

The simple answer is why not? However let’s expound on that answer … We are born nude. If our clothing wears out to the extent it falls off of us we will return to that state unless action is taken to replace said clothing. Therefore nude is a human being’s natural condition.

This fact compels me to reverse the question. Why does one feel the need to wear clothing other than for practical considerations like …

August 30 2012

The right to not be offended or afraid.

It would seem that society has developed an assumption that it is ones right to have that which they find offensive hidden from their view.  Such is the case with viewing another human being in his/her natural state.  That one has the right to have anything they find to be offensive restricted so that they are not …


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